Architectural Animating And Rendering

With the abundance of open source software, we can create animation and rendering architecture without the cost (free). Two freeware required; Google Sketchup and Blender 3d. Google provides a software architecture called Sketchup. Sketchup is currently available a free version 6, and 6-pro version is paid. No need to spend thousands of U.S. dollars to buy the software architecture. Sketchup actually used not only to architecture but also to create models of 3D models. Sketchup is only required to run Windows XP-based computer, windows vista or mac os 10. If you want to run it in windows, is necessary framework. Net 1.1, which is usually provided in the windows xp cd. Computer with Pentium III 600MHz processor 128 MB is low on memory can be used, but is recommended for optimum results using a computer with a Pentium IV 2 GHz 2 GB low on memory. 

Quite a few hours to start making the first model in sketchup. There are also guided-tutorial for the first time using it. Interface (interface) sketchup is very simple, so that in just a few days you will be able to draw a house like a professional architect. If the tutorials do not meet the information needs, there is an online community that will help. Once the architectural design made ​​with google sketchup, the next is to import the file into Blender 3d. menu; "File> Export > 3D Model..."; the mesh is automatically 'tessellated' - converted from the quadratic polygons SketchUp uses to 'game ready' triangular polygons. In the "Export Model" window that opens, do the following; In the "Save in" box at the top of the window, browse to a location where the file is to be saved (create extra folders where necessary in the main file and folder area). In the "File Name" box, type the name the file is to be called. In the "Export Type" box select "Google Earth 4 (*.kmz)" from the "Export Type" field. 

This is important and must be done otherwise the conversion process won't work. Once the above is done, click the "Export" button to export the scene from SketchUp to Google Earth's *.kmz format. The Process: 1- We export from SketchUp in kmz Google Earth 4 format 2-You go to the folder where the kmz file was exported, and change the extension of "file.kmz" to "" 3- Unpack this file, will leave us a two folders and two files. Inside the "models" folder is the DAE file and in the "images" folder are the textures 4- Let's Blender and import the file as "Colada 1.4 (.dae)" 5- At the end to import we will have our model in Blender, with their textures applied And with our model in Blender, adjust the lighting, and other parameters for our scene.