Texture For Blender 3D

Finding the perfect photo texture, to get the look of your material juuuuuust the way you like it, can sometimes be a pain. But with the right resources at your disposal, perhaps it might not be quite as difficult, or time consuming, as you once thought. Below is a list of 21 awesome (and free) photo texture sources, that you can use to make your CG artwork that much better!


If there’s any texture site at all that you’ve heard of, it’s this one. Being the world’s largest texture site, CGTextures.com almost has it all (though they seem to lack images of weapons, cars, and animals). They even came out with tilable textures this year, so what more can you ask for really. If you don’t have this link already, you can check it out here: www.cgtextures.com.

LuGher Texture

Although LuGherTexutre.com is one of the smaller texture sites around, it does have some great high-quality textures from metal to wood, and everything in between. Take a look at what they got here: www.lughertexture.com.


This site is bound to be your number one source for the most grungy and dirty textures on the web! With over 1,300 (and growing) quality textures available for download, this site should definitely be the first on your list, if grungy, dirty, weathered, cracked, rusty, or all of the above, is what you are looking for. If you don’t believe me, then why don’t you look for yourself at: www.grungetextures.com.

CG-India: Free Textures

Hmmm…CG-India: Free Textures…the name kinda says it all huh? Basically this is just another free texture site (but from India). They do, however, have some good texture packs (metal, house, sky, etc), and a lot of it I haven’t seen on any of the other sites (this is probably where the “from India” part comes into play). Either way I think it’s worth a look: www.cg-india.com/free_textures.html.

Spiral Graphics

To finish off this little thread, Spiral Graphics has some nice and free terrain textures, that you can use to texture your…well… terrain. They are all pretty great quality too, if I do say so myself (and I did…so there). Now go get your textures, and make awesome!: www.spiralgraphics.biz.